Start of the new season for the LOLs

Yesterday, we had the first meeting of the LOLs and we discussed our plans for the upcoming season.  It should be pretty active. We are looking at composing new works, playing works of others, a concert tour in the US Southeast (are you listening Atlanta?), a couple of run-outs in New Orleans, and a gala concert in Baton Rouge April 4th. There are also some other possibilities (Electric LaTex perhaps?) and collaborations that might happen.

As if composing new music for the ensemble isn’t enough, we’re looking to upgrade our sound system with 6-channel hemispherical speakers, further develop our GRENDL code for software deployment and control, and add other tangible devices to the ensemble. Sounds complex? It is.

But we have a great group of students and a couple of new faces as well. Jesse Allison is joining the EM/DM program at LSU as an Asst. Professor. Yeamin Oh is joining us as a new PhD student and Andrew Larson join the LOLs as an EM/DM doctoral minor (his DMA will be in Tuba performance).  The has all the makings of a great year. Stay tuned!


About Stephen David Beck

Composer, computer programmer, professor of music, bow tie afficionado and Associate Vice President for Research & Economic Development at LSU
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