Quartet for Colors

One of our new students, Yemin Oh, has created a new work for the laptop orchestra called Quartet for Colors. In this piece, he uses the laptop’s webcam as an input control device, tracking different colored fluorescent rings, and using the tracking to trigger sounds.  Placement of the rings in the visual field and the color of the ring affects pitch and timbre.  In addition, the video stream from the four webcams is merged together on a fifth laptop, which composites the four streams and projects the result to the audience.

Here is a video of the first performance.

This work is still a “work in progress” and will surely be refined. But the key here is that he has streamed four live webcam streams across the network to a central laptop which merges it all together. A very cool idea with a lot of promise.


About Stephen David Beck

Composer, computer programmer, professor of music, bow tie afficionado and Associate Vice President for Research & Economic Development at LSU
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