LOL Tour – Day 4

The LOL tour finally came to a close in Athens, GA at the Hodgson School of Music at UGA. Half of the crew drove direct from Columbus to Athens, but the other half came with me to Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology, where I gave a talk on our research in infrastructure software for laptop orchestras, called GRENDL (the Grid-Enabled Deployment for Laptop Orchestras, but that’s another post). The talk at Tech went really well, and we had some good comments afterwards about the future of mobile vs laptop technologies.

Then it was off to Athens, where we arrived just 90 minutes before showtime. Fortunately, the other half was already there and we were all set up and ready to go. The Dancz Center in the music building was the most intimate space we played on the tour, so we had a real opportunity to interact with the audience in ways we can’t in proscenium theaters. It was a good crowd and we had a lot of people stay afterwards to chat about what we do.

My sincerest thanks to Jason Freeman (GA Tech) and Chic Ball (UGA) for hosting us on our final day.  I wish we had more time to hang out everywhere we went, and that was especially true on Friday. A long drive home on Saturday, and sleep on Sunday.

Here is our final slide show of the tour.

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About Stephen David Beck

Composer, computer programmer, professor of music, bow tie afficionado and Associate Vice President for Research & Economic Development at LSU
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